Thursday, February 01, 2007

Beware the Ecology Nuts in Sheep's Clothing

Three years ago, I noticed the radical shift in Democrat rhetoric to a strident tone. When I was trying to find the source, I found it in the Green Party's platform. I invite you to visit their website and compare their goals with those of the Democrats. There's virtually no difference. The Greens have managed to manipulate a great deal of Europe into a type of ecological fascism that is founded more on supposition and hyperbole than on actual science. While we should certainly use our resource prudently and make changes in order to conserve, the more liberal of the left wing would have us return to the days of horseback and outdoor plumbing. That's simply unteneable in this day and age. These same people cite humans and cows as the main source of ecological harm. What about the larger scale events such as pesky volcanic eruptions? Those are not caused by global warming and indeed do in and of themselves provide ample greenhouse gases and debris to the atmosphere.
Yet I see little being done to cap those babies.

While these advocates have embroidered the past with images of vast expanses of green pastures and thick forests, the reality is that we have more trees on the north American continent now than we did 200 years ago. And while we are at it, if using gasoline powered engines is bad for the relatively moderately spread populations of the developed world, does it really make sense for the densely populated areas of India and China to get on board with fossil fuels? And that is where I depart. Because although there are certainly many good reasons for conserving fuel, converting to alternative fuels and recycling, the Greens in their guise of Democrats at Large want us all to give up everything in order to provide services to nations that could not care less if we survive. At that point, the arguement is no longer ecological, but political. And being that the Democrats, like their mentoring Greens, are absolutists of the n-th degree, that means all or nothing. We will see what litmus tests come up in the next twelve months, but I am betting that none of the truly viable options that will let us maintain our standard of living will be part of the platform mix.

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