Sunday, February 25, 2007

About Those Celebritiy Spokespersons...

Did you ever happen to notice how many celebrities had bad, impoverished or abusive childhoods? It's not that all of them came from these background, but enough of them have to pose some questions.
Does an unhappy childhood push someone to achieve acclaim or notoriety in terms of acceptance? (Tom Cruise, but you could even look further back to people like Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe or Liz Taylor)
Do those who had such childhoods, then turn and perpetuate this situation by overly indulging their own children to the point of benign neglect? ( a parent, Nicole Richey, Paris Hilton as children for example..)
Is the "stage mother" or "stage father" stereotype an exception or the rule within high levels of entertainment? And by that I do include professional sports, which although people might not like to consider it as such, is supposedly entertainment and not a lifestyle choice.
Now, having asked these questions, which to an extent pose some doubts on the emotional and psychological stability of some people within the entertainment industry, should WE the taxpayers, the middle of Americans that live between the extremes of both coasts financially, emotionally and intellectually, be listening to celebrities and allowing them to shape our opinions in regards to national issues? While I would agree that a celebrity has every right to express his or her opinion, the media circus that exists today places a heavier veracity upon the opinions of celebrities over common people.

To refer back to history, in Ancient Rome, the vote of a patrician (celebrities, rich, wealthy-those above the rules) counted more heavily than that of a plebian (working class stiffs). When people hear celebrities touting a political candidate or view, the easiest route is to capture some of the glitter by taking on some of the same attributes or attitudes. Rather than researching causes or issues, people rely far too much on the reflected brilliance of a celebrity over their own common sense. This has to change. Empires have risen and fallen on the actions of mobs that choose to believe the Big Lie over their own common sense. Now more than ever , we need to be a well informed electorate that makes choices based on what is good for the country overall-not just one narrow issue or political view. As we move more and more into the political season, keep these facts in mind.


Dan B (no, not Bennett, think harder) said...

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Ellen K said...

I always felt that Judy was so talented and so misused by the studio system. How she could belt out a song with such joy when her heart must have been broken over and over is beyond me.