Sunday, June 07, 2015


You're going to see a great deal of edited film about a pool party in McKinney. The media (and probably the parents of the kids involved) are pushing this as an issue of race.

It's not.

What seems to have happened is that a neighborhood pool-paid for with HOA dues-became the site for an unscheduled pool party. While the media began labeling it as a graduation party, most of the kids in the video appear to be under 16. There have been allegations that one young lady was taking money as admission to the pool. Most of the kids didn't live in the neighborhood and in fact despite suggestions that one girl invited these kids, there's no indication that she invited 250 kids to takeover a small neighborhood pool.

If the girl taking the money was a resident, her parents could have reserved the pool.
That evidently didn't happen. Instead a mob of 250 teenagers came to a neighborhood where they did not live, jumped fences, had fights and intimidated everyone who was at the pool or their homes. Here's the initial fight that led to more fights in the crowd.

Someone called the police. Two cars arrived and they tried to disperse the crowd. The crowd did not comply by and large. Eventually nine units were called in. When one cop was surrounded by a group of kids he pulled his gun. Now all the liberals are up in arms because he did this. They ignore that kids this age can and do have weapons at times and that kids this age can and do stab and kill people. While the cop may have overreacted, I think he was honestly trying to get their attention, but there were probably better ways to do this.

This is going to be framed as yet another racial issue. What it is instead is another in a long series of mobs of teens, unsupervised, behaving badly and then seeking excuses when they get caught. I've been dealing with this type of attitude for the last couple of weeks at our school. It seems that even asking some students to refrain from using the N-word or the F-word is viewed as racist. I am tired of it.

Any parent will tell you that an unsupervised party of 250 kids is going to end badly. With no reservation for the pool, no lifeguards, no security personnel, it's a recipe for someone to get hurt. In short, it's dangerous and whoever invited all these kids is responsible for what happened. I know of a family who was forced to move after their home was raided by a gang of kids in a similar type of mob. And by similar, I mean unsupervised teenagers. Anyone trying to make this into a racial issue is ignoring what a dangerous situation this could have become. And by the way, homeowners in the area do have the right to ask their yards not be vandalized, their children not be yelled at and their pool they paid for with HOA dues stay private.

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