Sunday, January 08, 2012

New Year

Like the start of school, a new year is a clean slate. We make resolutions, we make bargains, we make plans. This year is no different, except many of us find our resolutions to be pale repeats of last year's wishes. Many of us are making do with less, much less. And most of us are either unemployed or have someone close to us that is unemployed. With all the breathless enthusiasm of a New Year's toast I really, really hope things change. Sure it could result in Obama getting another four years, but seriously the American people are smothering in the slough of despair.

That being said, I don't think things will change much. When even Obama apologist Eleanor Clift of Newsweek only predicts an eight percent unemployment by the end of the year, we can be sure reality will be much worse. Obamacare is one reason. It sucks up profit into government agencies instead of out in the economy where it can multiply and grow. Another reason is the rising fuel price. Have you been to the pump lately? Between last Friday and this Friday the cost per gallon jumped 28 cents. And that's not all. Go to the grocery story. I have found groceries to be a great indicator of price change. I am not a random shopper. I buy pretty much the same thing every week. What I bought three weeks ago that cost $90 now costs $124. That's a huge leap. And this is not a meat or luxury food laden list. What is more I noticed that the store, Kroger, is discontinuing some lines from various cheeses, snacks and more. Whiel that may not matter to you directly, keep in mind that lines removed from the shelves are lines that will downsize production by laying off more workers and closing more plants.

Let's say this together, this president is a failure. Obama is a political and academic theorist who believes all problems can be solved using a formula. Sorry to disappoint you, but all the bright boys and girls with Ivy League street cred haven't done a darned thing for our nation. It's time to let someone else take over.

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