Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How Come We Didn't Hear About This in 2008?

It seems something strange is happening in regards to the DNC. Suddenly all those claims that voter fraud occurred are starting to take on lives of their own. I witnessed voter intimidation as Obama supporters surged into a caucus and took over the meeting. Whereas the Texas polling was fairly close, former Clinton strongholds were suddenly tipping for Obama. Now a documentary has come out. And it's by a Democrat who is appalled at what is happening to polling places and voters in the name of controlling power. To keep up, just this week it was released that felons who may not have had the permission to vote, votes for Al Franken, putting him in office. And then the Big One, Obama campaigns strongarmed many precincts in many states into submission. There are some big questions to be answered and the Clinton campaign tried to get the media to pay attention, but they were too busy with the coronation of Obama. Right now I see Hilary sitting back and watching it all unfold. It doesn't hurt that her old hunting buddy James Carville is polling negatives for teh DNC right. In short, there is trouble in DNC paradise.

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