Saturday, May 29, 2010

Where's Obama's Plan A

Now that we understand the critical need for President Obama to spend Memorial Day playing golf and hanging out with his good friend Sir Paul McCartney instead of either dealing with helping the coastal areas of our nation and remembering those who gave the Ultimate Sacrifice, I think we need to analyze carefully the decisions made by this administration in regards to recent events.

It goes as follows.

I love that Obama climbs the pulpit with claims that he's "been on this since Day One." Even his press secretary was quoted on the third day as "not having done anything yet."
Plan A was evidently to blame everything on BP.
Plan B was to blame Bush.
Plan C was to blame the Corps of engineers (just out of habit)
Plan D was to blame bureaucratic snafus (which is pretty much like blaming himeself....)
Plan E was to blame Bush.
Plan F was to allow the oil to spew and drive up gas prices to European levels (in spite of the highest domestic storage since 1970)
Plan G was to blame BP.
Plan H was to blame Cheney and Halliburton.
Plan I was to sit and spin around in the chair behind the desk in the Oval Office.
Plan J was to ignore Jindal's attempt to save the marshes for two weeks by holding up permits because he's an evil Republican that doesn't agree with the DNC.
Plan K was to allow amnesty of all illegal immigrants.
Plan L was to take photos with the US soccer team
Plan M was to blame Bush.
Plan N was to stuff the spewing well with Napolitiano (it's the most she's ever done for the environment....)
Plan O was to sit around and hope that Ayers came through with a plan....No? Tooo bad.
Plan P was to throw Napolitano under the bus. But it must be a clean fuel bus.....
Plan Q was to abolish Don't Ask/Don't Tell
Plan R was to outlaw Rush Limbaugh
Plan S was to blame Bush.
Plan T was to blame the Tea Partyers for their racist attack on the environment (the media will eat this one up....)
Plan U was to send illegal immigrants one mile under the sea to work for minimum wage sealing the plug.
Plan V was to have Revs. Wright, Sharpton and Jackson pray for a miracle.
Plan W was to have Simon Cowell scathingly criticize BP on television.
Plan X was to blame Bush
Plan Y-There is NO PLAN Y
Plan Z was to create a diversionary crisis and hope nobody along the Gulf notices how their sea water has changed from clear to molasses.

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