Thursday, July 09, 2009

Middle America Under Siege

As sad as this is, and my family is right at the center of this issue, the government is doing precious little to positively impact the situation. Simple handouts will help for the short term, but for the long haul, what America needs is more jobs. So where do jobs come from? Jobs are created from profit. Profit is a bad word to the self-proclaimed progressives. In their view, all profit is bad profit. And they would eliminate profit if they could. Companies that are growing in terms of customer bases and production require more people to fill positions. Corporations are not alive, nevertheless, progressive insist on further penalizing corporations through draconian measures that will succeed only in further shrinking the economy.

First of all the minimum wage. The minimum wage was meant to be an entry level wage for the very young. Few people continue to have this type of pay structure into their adult years unless they have made the mistake of dropping out of school, going to jail or relying on welfare and social programs to provide subsistance and prevent a continuous resume of work. Minimum wages were never meant to be an adult salary. They were meant for entry level employees with the unwritten promise that as they gained experience, they would move onto more lucrative work. My son is a manager at ChikFila. Due to rising minimum wages, they will be raising their prices to consumers across the board. And they will not be alone. See, when you raise the cost of employing people small businesses must recoop those costs through higher prices to the consumer. Now consider the Cap and Trade bill passed by the House. This will add to the cost of manufacturing, the cost of transportation and delivery and the cost to consumers. But do you know who won't be crying about these higher prices? Every local, state and federal entity that tacks on taxes will be overjoyed at the higher revenue they will achieve because of rates based on sales cost. And for most of us, these are not taxes that are deductible from our federal burden.

Let's consider the reluctance of the "progressive" party to require two important pieces of law-e-verify and Voter ID. First of all, in order to cash a check, to food stamps to do just about anything, you must have picture ID. Yet there are some apologists for illegal immigration that continue to believe this is persecution of a minority and use bogus arguements of how having to present ID when you vote penalizes the aged and the poor. All the poor that are citizens can easily get photo ID's from the states as can the elderly even if they do not drive. The arguements are presented in order to protect a potential (or in the case of our Left Coast states-current) voters . As for e-Verify, once again I defer to my son who works in fastfood. Their entire kitchen staff is Hispanic. And everyone no matter what their ethnicity must present drivers license, social security number and verification of their identity. Yet, even with that, there have been a few who have been escorted away or even fired for using someone else's identity. How is this not identity theft and why is it that the government doesn't pinpoint illegal immigration as the source for much of this type of crime? If we removed the ten or more million people who are here working illegally, that would make a significant dent in the unemployment numbers. And, lest you think this is just minimum wage jobs, I know of people who have worked as teachers who didn't have a verified ID.

Let's finally consider the burden on middle America to subsidize the failing state governments of the "green" states. If you will bother to look up the Green Party-a subsidy of the World Workers' Party and under the umbrella of the communist party, you will find that the current Democrat party is espousing Green Party platforms. They seek the systematic takeover of industry by government modeled on the failed systems of such programs in Spain, France and Germany. Right now, France and Germany have governments that are aghast that we are not learning from their mistakes. Please understand, even if the message is smoothly delivered, it is still a message of socialism. Unfortunately, the Rust Belt allowed unions to call the shots in the last election. People voted for a perceived ideal rather than the economic reality of the issues. And in the end, they will be the ones that pay because if these programs are implemented, these jobs will never come back. So how long before we all start moving into Canada? How long will they keep the borders open?


Brittanicus said...

Now that E-verify has not been sacrificed for the business community, it should be implemented across these United States. Right now rogue states like California a self branded--SANCTUARY STATE--should be forced by federal mandate on every government employee to be vetted by E-Verify. This is including every industry, business no matter who is on their payroll. There is no doubt in my mind that both the Federal, state and municipal governments have thousands of illegal workers, who are hiding out in plain site? A huge purge across the board will open jobs for documented legal residents and citizens and start the extraction process of foreign national by self-deportation. NOT JUST THE NEWEST EMPLOYEES, BUT EVERY WORKER WHO DRAWS A PAYCHECK? Remember that California business and contractors have had the luxury of hiring cheap labor, without any restrictions for decades.

However the tide is turning finally within Washington and hopefully the insistence of --THE PEOPLE-- drumming in their ears. The politicians have probably been stupefied by the barrage of irate voters calling for a permanent E-Verify adjoined to the Save Act. Under close scrutiny the people have demanded a double layer fence as originally designed by Rep. Duncan Hunter and upgrading E-verification, to enhance the search for illegal labor. The majority of liberal news desks, foundations, open border and free traders who don't want their supply of cheap labor severed, have given no indication that errors in immigration status can be resolved in the Social Security local office. California should certainly be a goal of ICE enforcement, specifically Los Angeles County and counterpart San Francisco, whose Mayors, Judges and elected officers have taken it upon themselves to shield illegal immigrants.

They have allowed easy access to Medi-Cal and a whole host of benefits, that was to support the bone fide population. No wonder the Great state is sinking under a $24. billion red ink deficit? State government used their devious influence to table Proposition 187, before being filed with the higher courts. We must not let down our guard, because once upon a time when there was no communications through the Internet, our politicians could easily stamp on our rights. There was no instant alarm bell of what legislation was secretly being discussed in Washington. Now we know what our elected officials are conniving behind our backs. That's why the American public has stayed ignorant and not so happy over the years. We only found out about laws afterwards, when it was too late to fight enactment.

We are already aware of a BLANKET AMNESTY being authored by Sen. Chuck Schumer, which will place upon the American people even more hardship in higher taxes to support illegal immigrants who have settled here. That is not even that is the main catastrophe? Although we are told that stricter immigration enforcement will be orchestrated , it will not stop the tens of millions who will swarm into America in the months to come? It will be like a human locust storm crossing our borders, in the hope of another AMNESTY? It is what the Council of Foreign Relations want? Unchecked, unfettered cheap labor as in their North American Union agenda. GOOGLE--the (CFR) and find their intentions?

The results of a BLANKET AMNESTY will not just be the irreparable costs attributed to feeding millions of more people, government benefits. But it will submerge us in irreversible momentum towards OVERPOPULATION. From 305 million population--NOW--but an extra 135 million in 40 years. Read more at NUMBERSUSA, CAPSWEB AMERICANPATROL & FAIR for the facts. CALL YOUR LAWMAKERS NOW AT 202-224-3121.

Ellen K said...

Here's a puzzle as well. If the illegals are already getting social and educational services without paying into the system, they why would they spend time and money to become legal? Likewise, where is the concern over the identity theft that is going on in regards to working and voting? How many seniors or deceased people are being paid off due to this system? It's time to get our house in order.