Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hypocrisy and the Inauguration

In an open letter to Senator Anthony Weiner of New York I discussed my concerns on what I view as hypocrisy on the part of Democrats regarding this election:

I noticed that in the year 2005, you were adamant that President Bush should eschew a public inauguration ceremony and instead spend the $42,000,000 plus dollars on our military. So where is the letter to the Obama Inauguration Committee stating similar concerns over a ceremony that will cost an estimated $150,000,000.00? Surely they could spare half of that for our military personnel. Considering how vociferous some of his supporters were of even a simple home wedding for Jena Bush-which was hateful, mean-spirited and supported by the likes of Arianna Huffington-shouldn't these same pundits, politicians and supporters be concerned about what could be one of the largest public displays and expenditures by the office of the president for a ceremony? Where is your written complaint about this issue? I am posting a copy of this letter on a public website. I will also post your written concerns, if you dare to write them. Unfortunately, I think the DNC has tied your hands. I predict a rubber stamp Congress. And that is NOT democracy-that is dictatorship.

If he replies-which I seriously doubt since I don't live in his district, then I will publish that he chose not to reply. Sometimes a lack of words speaks volumes.

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