Thursday, September 04, 2008

I Am Sarah Palin.

I am Sarah Palin.

Like her I work for a living. I have kids, which I love very much. I married my high school boyfriend. I went to college outside the Ivy League. I worked for the issues in my church, in my community and at my job that I felt were important. I am outspoken and I am intelligent in a way that an Ivory Tower advocate cannot be. I have screamed my head off at soccer games, football games. I have argued with teachers and principals. I have had many successes in life and with my family.

I have also had those failures that prove I am human. And what is more, I am not alone. I am every woman who ever bounced a check, had a fight with her husband, embarrassed her kids or dented a fender. I am also the woman who gloried in the successes of her children-no matter how insignificant. I am the woman who defended her loved ones even when the outside world sought to tear them down. I have dried tears from my children's broken hearts. I have helped type essays. I have called on the phone to get people to vote. I have done all that and more.

Sarah Palin, her life, her experiences and her honesty speak to me far more than the ramblings of someone who has never really had to work to make their way in the world. And those words that she speaks may seem like political rhetoric to those who do not and cannot understand. But she speaks for me, to me and people like me.

I am Sarah Palin.


Megan Ashley said...

That is really unfortunate, because people who support Sarah Palin are really of another time.

Reality is not history. Reality is where we are now, and what we need for the future to help humanity.

I cry for you.

wells said...

megan the reality we are in now is the sad result of 45 years of liberalism. The fact is you hippy libs are from another time, a time which we had unfortunately hoped was long gone with pork chop sideburns and bellbottoms. The real problem is conservatives have done a poor job of combatting the disgraceful liberal media who have done a bangup job of brainwashing the masses of people who can immediately tell you the winners of American Idol & Survivor for the past 4 seasons but have no idea who Bill Ayers is. And I bet you don't know either but you will still blindly vote for nobama.