Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tony Snow

It's with much sadness that I heard of the death of Tony Snow. He was only 53 and at the top of his game. No matter what your political views, Tony was always informed, genial and ready to talk. What I found truly appalling was the number of idiots who took the opportunity of his death to vilify him. There are people I don't like in this world, but I doubt very much that I would take the time to virtually dance on their graves. I hope his wife and kids didn't see some of the postings. In fact, the comments section of the Washington Post was removed, probably due to this travesty. Shame on you. I understand political differences, but I truly do not understand the kind of rabid behavior espoused by some political groups. I know I saw the same type of venom after 9/11-largely from California based PAC's. It's really ironic that Obama claims fear of a swift boat type action, but has been creating this type of politicial disinformation since Bush got in office. It makes it so much clearer why I cannot be a Democrat.

As for Tony, he lived a full life, saw a great deal of the world and loved his family first and work second. He died too young. Rest in Peace. Condolences to your family.

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