Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Sad Day

I was very sorry to hear that Fred Thompson withdrew from the campaign trail. What a sad thing that the only consistent conservative in this campaign was left out of the main campaign largely by a mainstream media that would rather choose for us by only showing some candidates and not all. As for me, I honestly don't know who to support. I know that after reading some very offensive and taunting posts spammed on the Thompson blog, that Ron Paul will NOT be in my short list. Right now, Mitt Romney is looking the most fitting. I honestly cannot stomach Mike Huckabee-I don't trust him. And Rudy Giuliani is simply not going to make much headway outside of his strongholds. As for McCain, he might as well be a weathervane because he, like Hillary Clinton, seems to move in whatever direction the wind blows. Perhaps this is what the media wants, a clear shot to get Barak Obama and his socialist elite friends in office to gut our republic and make us into just another cooperative like the EU. What a sad day. There is still no candidate out there that represents the vast middle of America. We are represented instead by radical ideologues. It's a shame.

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