Monday, September 10, 2007

Democrats and Are At It Again.

The story linked to the title above covers a situation where the more radical fringes of the Democrat party is trying to stampede the entirety of the party into blind allegiance. They want the most radical platform supported by the likes of George Soros and his organization to be The Platform of the Democrat candidates in 2008.

This may be the sheer hubristic folly that brings them down. Most pundits and even some conservatives consider this election the Democrats to lose. But when you go out of your want to alienate those who serve, you must recall that there are large numbers of people of color, middle class kids and urban kids who use their military perq's to pay for college. When you insult a uniformed leader of the forces of the United States, by association you are also insulting all those who have and who still do serve in the armed forces. While on the surface, this appears to be just another silly stunt to attract publicity, it's just as offensive as virtually using the names of dead soldiers to create a mock cemetery across from the President's home. Oh wait, that was them too. I think what is most galling about this issue is that many of these folks who would NEVER allow their own kids to fight, are having their right to protest and make fools of themselves by the sacrifices of these men and women.

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