Sunday, June 03, 2007

Listen, before you Look and Vote

There are people out there who are so unbalanced, so needy, that they seek a spiritual mentor or belief in order to bring their lives into what they perceive as "balance." This happens quite a lot with religions, much more than I think most mainstream believers care to admit. Too often the minister is more important than the message. Which is why we end up hearing these sordid stories about men and women who claim to be "of God" when in reality they are out to acquire their own pleasures and privileges.

I am afraid, given the rumor mongering nature of the internet, that our political intentions are going the same way. Voters see a pretty face, hear of other appealing people who support this candidate and fail to concern themselves with the real meat of their agenda. As the political season heats up and the Labor Day starting gate of the primaries come into view, be very circumspect in which candidates you choose. Try listening to them on radio in addition to TV. Sometimes the pretty face and slick delivery can mitigate flaws in their direction. It's like in the Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy discovers that the Wizard is just a bald, fat man behind a curtain. This next election will be one of change. I think the mainstreams of both parties are disgusted with the self-serving attitude of the people who pretend to represent us. And this is why you must look into the voting records, the public statements and the personal agendas BEFORE you select a candidate to support.

Below is a link dealing with cults. The reason that I have included this is because I think some political extremism borders on the same type of frenzy as that created by religious cults. Think about things going on in this state, nation and world and ask yourself if issues are being driven by fact or by personality. At any rate, it's an interesting review of the mindset of those who manipulate reality for their own gain.

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