Saturday, March 24, 2007

Other Voices Dispute Global Warming Religion

In the title is another link by the BBC. The BBC isn't known for its political conservatism, yet it does have a profound respect for the work ethic that goes into making scientific pronouncements. Global Warming has transcended the level of an issue and become for all intents and purposes a quasi-religion. And it has become a religion whose followers harken back to the bad old days of the Inquisition complete with the verbal and emotional tribulations that period experienced. Are we as citizens of the 21st century going to allow political rhetoric, most likely centered with the Green Party platform as filtered through the Democrat Party, to drive our industries, our jobs, our way of life out the door for science that doesn't even hold up under the most cursory of examinations? I am not one who thinks that we should stop recycling or waste resources, but that is because I am conservative by nature and true conservatives don't waste anything. Instead professionals who have written and studied the environment for years are being driven out of their jobs, away from chairmanships for even expressing the slightest doubt in the Gospel According to St. AlGore. Galelio was excommunicated by similar folks for daring to say that the Earth orbited the Sun rather than the other way around. And in the end he was right! Are we going to force ourselves into narrow, draconian methods of change, just for the sake of change rather than for ample cause? Are we going to continue to let half-baked, ill-informed media hype be the central diet of our learning? Is so, then perhaps we deserve what will happen, which will be an economically shattered nation and a political infrastructure run by self-serving hacks.


curious said...

Radical socialism masquerading as "concern" for the envionment (the current Democratic party) is going to be successful until the soccer moms start getting the bills in the mail. When the Democrats impose a carbon tax on us, and they will, most people won't understand the "environmental" issue enough to realize that they were voting for a carbon tax. When the double and triple normal electric bill comes in the mail and the soccer mom is reading the bill trying to figure out why it is so high and sees one line item for electricity usage and then another line item labeled "Carbon Tax" which doubles or triples the total bill, then the radical socialists, er I mean Democrats, will be exposed for the liars they are and they will lose the support of people who thought they were supporting the "environment". The radical socialists have complete contempt for average people so they don't understand that their lies are sowing the seeds of their own destruction, but Americans have shown time and time again, if you hit them hard in the wallet you won't be around long.

KauaiMark said...

You can view the entire linked BBC show online from my blog here->

Remember Y2K?

I attended a meeting with a keynote "NASA Scientist" that claimed that on Jan 1, 2000 your car just might go dead on the side of the road and if it happened on your ski trip you just might FREEZE AND DIE if that happened.

I challenged this guy technically how this might occur and pointed out some simple facts that proved that proved his statements bogus.

I was castigated by the event planner as being disruptive and that I shouldn't contradict such a smart scientist at their important event.

Common sense and logic will eventually prevale but probably not before a lot of $$$ is wasted trying to solve a political problem.

Ellen K said...

They don't look at the bottom line because money is obviously grown on trees. The really sad story is that many of the shakers and movers who push this type of legislation around can easily afford the increased taxes on carbon. The rest of us will do without, and probably suffer and lower our quality of life as a result. But do they care? Nope. It's the patricians and the plebians all over again. And the Green/Democrat Party is playing the elitist role of Patrician where each of their votes equals ten vote for the rest of us. God help us all. (There, that made them mad, I invoked Him.)