Friday, May 19, 2006

Can Swastikas be Far Behind?

I hope it's just a rumor.

But, the same man who jokingly calls himself "Hitler" and who leads the Iranian nation seems to be following in some less that illustrious footsteps. It seems he wants Christians and Jews and others that are considered heathen, to be marked by wearing a badge of their religious affiliation. I read "Night" and "Diary of Anne Frank" as well as other holocaust related stories. I am not Jewish, but it wasn't only Jews that suffered in the long-run. Catholics, Gypsies, homosexuals, the infirm, the retarded, the disabled...these were all targets. Doctors and lawyers in ethics classes often discuss the "slippery slope" as a theory that one act would make it easier for the next to occur. That has been the hurdle to assisted suicide-the question being at what point are we "assisting" too much? In this case, there is a LONG history of pogroms organized and local, national discrimination and total obliteration. The Christian church isn't absolved of this as it is still living out the numerous innocents killed by the Inquisition and the now resulting diaspora of Hispanic Jews that immigrated to New Spain, where their family traditions were those of the Jewish faithful, although publicly for protection, they claimed Catholicism. Should we as people who KNOW about the Holocaust and the previous instances of attempted destruction of the Jewish people, stand by in silence while once again the machine of death rears its head in the form of an Iranian demagogue that dares to claim that there are people subhuman to him? I don't think so. And if we do stand by and allow this to happen in Israel, when we went to Yugoslavia to save Muslims there, then the United Nations and the European Union and all the various treaties and contracts will mean NOTHING. Remember, one of the basic tenets of the devoutful Muslim is that they don't have to honor contracts or promises with infidels. And the term infidel could mean anyone they don't agree with. In a civilization where eye for an eye is the norm, is it wise to allow them the technology to take that attitude on an international scale?

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