Thursday, June 10, 2021

This Is The Sad Legacy of CRT

 This article covers the resignation of a much appreciated teacher from an expensive New Jersey prep school because the insistence of the administration of imposing Critical Race Theory at all levels, on students and faculty, to the point that the school has become a hostile environment. If it's this bad in our elite schools where the rich and powerful send their kids, it must be utter hell in public schools in Blue States and Blue Cities. We're already seeing police leave their profession in droves which is leading to a spike in crime. (No it's not COVID causing this, because other nations faced COVID too but left their police in place and suffered no spike in murders) Anyway, read this story...I'm sure it will resonate with many.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Of Bomb Shelters, Ice Ages and Pandemics

Ask Americans living in the South of a certain age and they can tell you tales of hysteria. I was six when the Cuban Missil e Crisis emerged. I lived in Odessa, Texas, smack in the middle of the Permian Oil Field. Although at the edge of the project limits of missiles being sneaked onto Cuban soil by the Russians, the fear was palpable. The idyllic childhood of wandering the neighborhood for a short time shifted to parents needing to know EXACTLY where you case. 

My six year old mind didn't have the life experience to construct what "in case" actually meant. My Dad, a WWII veteran of the Occupation of Japan had seen actual death. Little was said about the Japanese snipers picking off American personnel after Hirohito surrendered, but I know my Dad, then 19 years old and from a small Texas town, saw enough that he would have been labeled as having PTSD today. My Dad sent for plans to build a bombshelter in our backyard. He told me it was a clubhouse but I could read the plans. Luckily the crisis resolved. But we still had drills every year for the rest of the time I was in school.

Flash forward ten to fifteen years. We lived in Dallas. I attended high school. Some kids in the school were embracing attitudes of rebellion. We had multiple bomb scares my last two years of high school. A cousin of mine was in college when Weather Underground blew up a lab. Vietnam and the incessant imagery pushed on the evening news made the war there seem dire and imminent. The aftermath of political intrigue forced people to take sides while still embracing the veneer of social civility.

Books like "The Late Great Planet Earth" and odd/even gas lines pushed a panic harder. Some adamantly demanded immediate change without any evidence the changes they asked for would even effect the change needed. People began to panic. They bought dangerous cars and took ridiculous risks based on their level of acceptance of the veracity of the crises presented every day on the evening news.

This hysteria led to others. Water, air and food became suspect. We were told sugar, salt, fat, red meat and non GMO vegetables were dangerous, often without any validity. And often the preachers of these new dogmas had a vested interest in getting people to avoid these Some people went completely off the rails seeking religions or charismatic charlatans to fulfill their lives and cancel their sense of dread.

First there was Desert Storm. I remember packing a box with my kids to be sent to military personnel for the holidays. One colonel sent back a Blphoto of the camel he had to ride to surveil forward areas. The public was engaged, fearful that the previous atrocities such as the Achille Lauro and the bombing of the barracks wouldn't happen closer to home. Again much of the mentality was to protect the homefront. We wanted to keep families safe. We wanted to keep danger far away.

Then there was 9/11. And Katrina. And Super Storm Sandy. Danger from violence and nature were at our doors. Instead of addressing the actual needs, media and politicians used these opportunities to garner support. I'm sure people in NYC still remember 9/11 and don't understand why people in government seem to be on an increasing path to cloud that memory. I'm sure people in New Orleans remember Katrina and think the same. No doubt places like Port Aransas and Houston think similar things about Hurricane Harvey and the California folks feel the same sense of dread over their fire seasons of the past few years. What all these catastrophes share is a combination of natural disaster paired with people attempting to use the opportunities to shape political opinions. The media has created this mindset of constant panic because it makes the media a necessary means of finding out what was "really going on."

But was the media telling the whole story? Did they tell an entirely accurate story by telling public that George Bush had the levees bombed to inundate the Ninth Ward of NOLA? Did they tell the truth when they ignore the desertification of the California Central Valley to provide water for coastal elite's lush lifestyles? If the media has cultivated a need for the Public to listen, they also hold an enormous amount of power to sway public opinion using images and cherrypicking facts for specific goals. This cynical approach to using the Public by only telling some of the truth instead of all of it, has created a monster.

Today, too many people are tied to whatever curated slate of information strokes their personal views. Few read opposing views and social media has become more or less a big street fight with some at the top egging on others while social media heads decide whose voice is worthy and whose is not. This is where we are. And depending on who you believe, you are either out and about without a mask or you are huddled in your home masking even while you sleep.

Some states have lifted the requirements to mask. That is their choice. My own state Texas has done so much to my relief. While I won't vilify someone who chooses to mask, masks only made my asthma and coughing worse. I've had COVID. I've had both shots. I have no symptoms and frankly I don't believe the entire asymptomatic claims were valid and I think they'll be stashed away under the heading of unfounded suspicions. While you are free to cover up your face, there is no reason for me to cover mine. We used to be a nation founded on freedom and autonomy. Why are we letting petty tyrants stampeded us into hysteria? That is what this has become-a year of operant conditioning in order to create hysteria and make it easy to pick off the non-compliant. 

Is this what you want for your children and grandchildren? Snap out of it. Or get counseling.

Read this

Friday, May 14, 2021

Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations

 Educrats are supporting the soft tyranny of low expectations. Lowering standards to change demographic groups participation in elite programs will ultimately mean our best and brightest don't get the instruction they deserve in order to serve a group that is unable to perform under the instruction they get.

Monday, May 10, 2021

How To Kill Real Diversity in the Workplace

 Honestly, this story doesn't surprise me.

I saw similar things under the guise of "In Service Training" lead to distrust and dishonesty throughout the entire school. You didn't know who to trust. Teachers who smiled and embraced the New Order literally got away with murder. Their reports weren't scrutinized. They didn't get stern warnings about special ed paperwork. They avoided and even asked not to have to teach learning disabled students (something I didn't know was possible.) And all the while they postured to follow the equity based paradigm of the Leftists in charge.

That this same mindset would start to erode previously successful companies is no mystery. This is just like the mean girl who takes joy in watching others fight. These folks thrive on controversy and sincerely only want diversity on their terms-which is to say no real diversity at all.

But go ahead and read it yourself.


Thursday, May 06, 2021

Ditch The Airlines-Take a Road Trip

 Airlines get you places faster. That used to be the main benefit. You could watch movies, eat lunch and travel like some sort of modern potentate to your destination. Now flying is more of a cattle call where you're jammed into ever tighter seats, denied food or water and forced to wear a mask. It's like being evacuated from the contaminated zone only YOU have to pay.

So let me make a suggestion. Take a page out of days gone by and take a road trip. Get online or even get out a MAP and go someplace. If you're locked in some Socialist Democrat gulag, visit a free state near you. Camp! Swim! Fish! Go to a lake, fly a kite, go to a beach. Just the past weekend my husband and I drove to Port Aransas. Port A is a long time haunt for us. Port A was also slammed by Hurricane Harvey and since that time has been working hard to recover. New places are opening, and the older ones are being or have been renovated. It's a good time to go. The water is still pretty cold, but the waves are great. 

We traveled the usual non-highway route. First we go from DFW to West where it's a required stop fo kolaches. Then we drove, bypassing the nightmare that is Liberal NIMBY Austin, to go to Lockhart-the BBQ of Texas and the World. This time we ate at Black's, next time we'll go to Kreuz'. Great BBQ and sides. Then we passed through Luling-the Watermelon Capital-which has a great market. We went to Port A via the ferry. Fun fact: Padre Island is the longest barrier island in the world. The beaches were great. I had shrimp and tilapia and brought back shrimp and snapper for grilling later.

On the way back we stopped and talked to people. We visited the Best Little Gunshop in Goliad where you can also find the final resting place of Colonel Fannin and his men from the massacre by the Mexican troops. There's also an old old old church which is the remains of the fort. The guys in the gunshop were HILARIOUS and had some interesting observations on current issues. We also talked to people in Port A, Aransas Pass, Georgetown, Goliad, San Saba, West, Waco and once you get outside the big cities a few things become clear.

First, people are generally skeptical about everything coming from Washington and even from state capitols.Secondly, mask rules become suggestions the farther away you get from cities. Third, fewer people pay any attention to national news. In fact a few people pointed out that although they might comply to keep a job, nobody believed any of the blather coming from House Biden. 

That's my advice. Ditch the plane which bypasses Real America and Real Americans and go someplace real. Talk to the locals. Live a normal life for a week and remember when EVERY day was like that. Maybe then you'll return willing to fight back against the Democrat Socialists who want to control every aspect of your life.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Questions For Joe Biden

 We've seen a great many Trump compatriots rousted from bed by FBI agents in order to serve a warrant search. Why have we had no investigation into Hunter Biden, who is evidently now a lecturer at Tulane. if you're a parent paying Tulane's tuition, do you really want your child "taught" by drug-addict, serial abuser and self admitted sex addict, Hunter Biden?

Questions for #JoeBiden?
Where were you on Monday, Dec. 18, 1972?
What activities were you engaged in over the weekend previous to that date?
Why was your wife taking her three very young children ALONE to allegedly pick up a Christmas tree? (as reported on
Isn't that usually a FAMILY event?
Wouldn't it be difficult for anyone to manage three toddlers and a Christmas tree at the same time?
In that same story the following statement was made: "...“For whatever reason, Neilia Biden, who was holding the baby, ended up in the right of way of Dunn’s truck coming down a long hill,” Politico reported. A friend of Biden’s who looked into the accident at the time told Politico, “She had a stop sign. The truck driver did not.” On what planet is a woman driving with her infant daughter on her lap?
Wouldn't that be a more likely position for a woman trying to ESCAPE from a disabled car with her child?
To your knowledge, was a forensic investigation done on Neilia's automobile?
If so, were any mechanical deficiencies noted?
Why did you continue with the "drunk truck driver" narrative when there was no evidence that was the case?
This same article claims you met your second wife, Jill, on a blind date in 1977. Yet in Jill's book she recounts the following:"...According to her 2019 memoir, Where the Light Enters, Jill had posed in an ad campaign for New Castle County's Parks and Recreation division. That advertisement wound up at said airport in the mid-'70s. Joe, who traveled frequently at the time, was apparently enamored with this woman in the photos and told his brother, Frankie, that the mysterious model was his dream date. We guess this is what they call love at first sight? In a random yet fortuitous twist, Frankie knew a mutual friend of Jill's and was able to get her phone number, which was notably unlisted at the time. Just one day after Joe procured Jill's digits, he called his future wife up for a date in March 1975. When she asked how he'd gotten her number, the politician's answer was oddly curt. In her book, Jill recalled Joe saying, "My brother Frank gave it to me. I just got back into town and was wondering — are you free tonight?" (source: You married her in 1977, you met her years earlier. So what is the truth?
Were you faithful to your first wife?
Did she have reason to doubt your fidelity?
Did she confront you earlier over the way you approached women?
I think it's time we start demanding #JusticeForNeilia

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Schools Should be Open. This is Why.

 "...As a result, many Americans have an overexaggerated view of certain aspects of the pandemic. One of these may well bear on school reopenings: According to polling, Americans massively overestimate the number of children who have died from the disease. Per the CDC, in the United States, children represent less than 0.1% of total pandemic-related deaths. While each individual death is a tragedy, the statistics remind us of a crucial, well-established feature of this virus: It is far less risky for children, with Americans above age 65 constituting 81% of the share of deaths.

In the same polling, Americans also massively overestimate the likelihood that a COVID-19 infection will lead to hospitalization. Forty-one percent of Democrats hold the completely implausible view that more than half of infections result in hospitalization. Ironically, despite the widespread assumption that Republicans underplay the disease, 26% of Republicans get the rate of hospitalization correct, compared with 10% of Democrats, according to the same study..."

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